Projects Highlights:

Project: Measurement and Verification Strategy Development

Location: US National

Client: Confidential ESCO Client

Project Value: N/A. Contract Value: Confidential


Strategy Consultant: Developed the ESCO’s measurement & verification (M&V) approach to align with the company’s overall philosophy. Supported RFP response material generation.

Project: LAX Utility Infrastructure Planning – Metering and Data Collection

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Client: HNTB Corporation

Project Value: $10 million +. Contract Value: $150,000


As sub consultant to HNTB Corporation, assisting LAX airport in developing a framework for collecting, managing utility data for electricity, natural gas and water/sewer. The project has a potential to save LAX upwards of $ 5.0 million per year in utility costs.

Energy Services

Project: GSA Region 10 Performance-based Construction Contracts

Location: Seattle, WA and Spokane WA

Client: McKinstry Co.

Project Value: $ 38 million (Foley Courthouse),    $54 million (Jackson Federal). Contract Value:     $320,000


Program Manager & Technical Lead: Designed, developed and implemented a complex energy and building equipment performance tracking, data acquisition and performance verification program that covered two remodel projects – Jackson Federal Building Seattle (700,000 GSF) and Foley Courthouse Spokane (300,000 GSF). Project’s performed 15% and 28% better than proposed models.

Project: Central Plant Analysis – 22,000-ton Chiller Plant

Location: Confidential, Mid-West US

Client: Root3 Technologies, Inc.

Project Value: $300,000. Contract Value: $10,000.


Performance Analyst: We developed a rigorous regression analysis based on more than 500,000 data points using tools like Tableau, Wolfram Alpha, and Excel Statistics Pack. Analysis looked at parameters like weather, condenser capacity vs performance, chiller capacity vs operational efficiency. The proposed solutions have the potential to save the site more than $200,000 per year in energy savings plus significant additional operational cost savings.

Our team has significant experience in the fields of energy efficiency, energy performance contracting, energy management, strategic energy planning, energy financing as well as green building rating systems like LEED and Living Building.

Our Energy Services and Sustainability Consulting Practice covers scopes like:

  • Energy Audits

  • Energy Modeling and Analysis

  • Building performance assessment

  • Building Commissioning

  • Strategic Energy Planning

  • Sustainability Assessments

  • Project Certifications – LEED, Green Globes, Living Building, Energy Star        

  • Metering and Sub-Metering Consulting

  • Measurement & Verification

  • ESCO Project Support

  • ESCO Selection Support

  • ESCO Performance Remediation

  • Utility Rebate Program Management

  • Technology Consulting

  • Remote monitoring design and implementation

Energy Services


* Acted as project lead under different companies and/or previous employment